James Dean: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Set


Update #2!

Here’s some exciting news for all you James Dean fans: a box set of his three films will be released sometime in the near future; although this information was reported last October on Blu-ray.com, we’re just now getting some details about the release. There aren’t any specific technical details about the discs themselves, nor is there a release date, but the goodies that will be on the set have been revealed. Take a look below (and just click the photo for a larger version):

James Dean - Ultimate Collector's Set Blu-ray James Dean - Ultimate Collector's Set Blu-ray Unboxed

There are nine discs on this set, six of which include the three films Dean starred in (one on Blu-ray and one on DVD), along with three documentaries (getting their own DVD each):

  • East of Eden (Blu-ray)
  • East of Eden (DVD)
  • Rebel Without a Cause (Blu-ray)
  • Rebel Without a Cause (DVD)
  • Giant (Blu-ray)
  • Giant (DVD)
  • James Dean: Sense Memories (DVD)
  • James Dean: Forever Young (DVD)
  • George Stevens: A Filmmaker’s Journey (DVD)

Plus, there’s even more stuff within the box itself; included within the box set are the following goodies:

  • Authentic production memos from East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause
  • Behind the Scenes Photos
  • 3 Mini Reproductions of the Original Theatrical Movie Posters
  • A 40-page Commemorative Book

East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant will also be released separately on their own in a DigiBook format (it’s essentially a book with the disc held on the inside of the back cover (Warner has produced some rather good ones over the years, such as A Streetcar Named Desire and Cabaret, among others). We also have some pictures of those releases, too:

East of Eden Blu-ray - Cover

Rebel Without a Cause Blu-ray - Cover

Giant Blu-ray - Cover

I think the white background looks rather nice (it works certainly well for the Casablanca box set Warner released last March for the film’s 70th birthday. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen any of these films (though, I do have East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause on hold at my local library), so I haven’t any idea whether or not I’ll pick up the box set, or any of the individual releases, when they are released. But, still, it looks like Warner has done a great job with their box sets. I own two of them, Gone With the Wind and Casablanca, and I’m more than satisfied with their contents and the films in all of their high-definition glory.

I’ll certainly update you all when I know some more information about this box set!


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