“The Night of the Hunter” Blu-ray Unboxing

Writing about The Night of the Hunter the other day kind of made me want to show off; Criterion has produced a marvelous Blu-ray package of the film, and I snapped some photos earlier today just in case anyone wanted to see the set up close and personal (well, as personal as can be considering that this is over the internet). Enjoy:

IMG-20130725-00632 IMG-20130725-00635 IMG-20130725-00636 IMG-20130725-00637 IMG-20130725-00640 IMG-20130725-00641 IMG-20130725-00642 IMG-20130725-00643 IMG-20130725-00646 IMG-20130725-00647 IMG-20130725-00652 IMG-20130725-00653 IMG-20130725-00654 IMG-20130725-00657 IMG-20130725-00658 IMG-20130725-00659 IMG-20130725-00660 IMG-20130725-00662 IMG-20130725-00663 IMG-20130725-00664

The folks at Criterion really outdid themselves with this set; it looks quite amazing, doesn’t it? And that’s just the physical part of it all. On the discs we get multiple documentaries and interviews, a fantastic commentary by Terry Sanders, Robert Gitt, F.X. Feeney, and Preston Neal Jones. And on the second disc, we get Charles Laughton Directs “The Night of the Hunter,” a two and a half hour behind the scenes/making-of documentary that was so insightful to how Laughton worked with the actors and how The Night of the Hunter came into being. And, of course, we get some essays: included here are Holy Terror by Terrence Rafferty and Downriver and Heavenward with James Agee by Michael Sragow. It’s a wonderful set, and I think everyone should at least see the film (and then buy it on Blu-ray!).


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