All That Jazz – Blu-ray Unboxing

I was pleasantly surprised to see Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz enter into the Criterion Collection last year. During Criterion’s last 50% off sale (in October 2014), I decided to pick it up. Here are some packaging shots for you all:

The Lady Vanishes – Blu-ray Unboxing

The Lady Vanishes, Hitchcock’s 1938 film is as good as it gets (though Psycho will undoubtedly reign as the best of his films for me). It’s been a while since I last saw it, so I’m excited to revisit the film and dig through the bonus features. Here are some packaging shots for you:

Cronos – Blu-ray Unboxing

Guillermo del Toro’s first feature, Cronos, is not your typical vampire film fare. Federico Luppi (who we see again in The Devil’s Backbone–Criterion Collection #666–and Pan’s Labyrinth–which will certainly enter the Collection eventually) plays Jesus Gris, an antiques dealer who happens upon a golden device that grants him immortality. For his first film, del Toro definitely delivers, and Criterion’s Blu-ray release is quite a treat. I also picked this one up during the 50% off sale last Tuesday. Here are some packaging shots:

Ministry of Fear – Blu-ray Unboxing

Earlier this week the Criterion Collection had a 50% off flash sale, and I happened to purchase four titles, including Fritz Lang’s Ministry of Fear. The premise of the film is a little goofy (a fake-blind man steals a cake from Stephen Neale, played by Ray Milland, accidentally wins it), but it turns out to be a pretty good WWII film noir with even a surprising twist at the end (which all good films noir have). Here are some packaging shots for you all:

L’avventura – Blu-ray Unboxing

Antonioni’s L’avventura was released today by the Criterion Collection. I’ve only seen four of his films, but I think this one is my favorite. Here’s some packaging shots for you:

IMG_1223 IMG_1207 IMG_1209 IMG_1213 IMG_1215 IMG_1220

I haven’t even popped the disc into my BD player yet, but I already know the the restoration is glorious (4K and everything!), and it’s Criterion, so the bonus features should be grand as well.